Filme 2023


Country, Year

CH 2023


10 min





Laurent de Martin, Sampo Vallotton, Jules Guarneri


Laurent de Martin, Sampo Vallotton



A Visual & Riding Experience

After devoting years of their lives to freeskiing, LDM and Sampo felt the need to redefine their vision of what free-skiing means to them.

The technical side of the ‘sport’ has reached the point where many everyday skiers no longer identify with the activity, creating a rift in ski culture. LDM and Sampo spent the season focusing on a more relatable way of interpreting their passion. They desired a return to the essence of what they believe skiing is all about: enjoying the slopes, with a layer of style & flow.

For most of their careers, both skiers have spent the winter months working towards deadlines for high-end ski productions. Ultimately, it was through abandoning this seasonal pattern & creating their own brand that they found a way to change their perspective.

With Simply., they fashioned new tools to allow their creativity to flourish. This naturally led to a return in front of the lens, but this time, with a different direction in mind. This past winter saw them work with a variety of photographers and videographers, each of whom brought a unique vision to the shoots. As the months passed, the footage started to stack up and the duo needed an outlet. It was thus, that The Art Of Recreation was born.

The Art Of Recreation is a visual manifesto of the minds of Laurent and Sampo as skiers. Composing a mosaic of techniques and formats, from 16mm film to modern cinema cameras, passing through stop motion en route, it offers a vivid display of what the mountains and friendship can offer.



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