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FFF Worldwide Show: Thanks for your great photos and feedback!

A premiere is a premiere. So we were not sure what to expect from the first ever online-event of the Freeride Filmfestival. But the FFF Worldwide Show on 17 December 2020 was so much better than we had dreamed of. And one of the most important puzzle pieces was the participation of our fans out there!

Thank you so much for your messages and pics! We are blessed to have such a crowd behind us. Here you can read some comments, see a few amazing pictures and skip through some Insta stories (at the bottom of the page).

Barbara from Austria: „It was a great (online) film festival, nice that it was possible in this form despite the circumstances!!“

Henning from Hamburg: „Yesterday’s show on the net was really great. It was a small downside that we couldn’t see the tour in Hamburg this year. Really great films and the moderation was great. Now I can understand that your festival is different from Warren Miller and Co. It was great! Keep it up!“

Cecile from Switzerland: „Sick on the sofa ….. not corona 😊. So unspectacular …….. but I’d like to have this airbag backpack. Yeah !! Big hug ……. great story you two …..“

Daniel from Germany: „Hi Volker, Thanks for getting back so quickly. Sorry about me overreacting – Piefke style. It’s all fine, you guys are really doing a great show!! Please keep the money and do more films.“

Christian from Germany: „Thanks for the live stream of the film festival – that was amazing!“

Katrine from Norway: „It works now after refreshing a thousand times. Thanks!! Stoked!!!!!!! Woop!

samjunkmusic on Instagram: „Great show!! All movies were lovely great!! #moveon

Simon_9519 on Instagram: “I definitely won’t forget that evening! 😍😂“

Lyndsey3814 on Instagram: „🤣🤣 it was fab, great mix of German (trying to learn it) and back up English 🤣. Free stuff is always fab but really it was just nice to be a part of it. Hope you all have a great winter, splitting… 😭🤣 maybe we’ll see you out there. Stay safe, thanks again.“

p._fabian on Instagram: „One of the best once yet !, damn I loved that flair. In the end you asked for feedback, I know it’s quite difficult to stay on time, but I would have been much better if the event would have continued a bit longer ❤️🚀🍾🎉🙌, but I really loved it.Thanks for all of it.“

dinni_loves_outdoor on Instagram: „Thank you ☺️ there are such funny things 🤣🤣 I’m just laughing, great idea to load the pictures in the story ☺️ it was a great evening yesterday! It’s a shame that there was so little time, the conversations were really interesting and the passion of the athletes was so nice to see! Thanks for this opportunity!“

nicolekmcrae on Instagram: „Epic evening! Given the circumstances it’s was amazing what you pulled off!! One request, next year can you please feature some rad female shredders! It was a bit of a shame that there were none present in this years films.“

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