Volker Hölzl

Founder of the festival and all-round talent for all economic, creative and logistical matters. Volker checks the partners, the cinemas and the entire tour as well as the good mood for the crew on the bus.

Harry Putz

Founder of the FFF and final authority on the selection of festival films. Harry is a filmmaker himself and has a special sense for what it means to manage a production from vision to cinema screenings. On the FFF stage he guides through the evening and interviews the athletes.

Ines Enöckl

This happy soul is our online enthusiast Ines. You can mainly meet her in the virtual space or on the dance floor. Since this year she takes over our social media channels and complements the male organising team of the Freeride Film Festival with female charm. When she’s not on tour with us, she runs the show at YESGIRL Communications in Vienna..

Online/Social Media

Instagram: @yesgirlcommunications

Martin Obermayr


As a skilled worker for text elements Martin likes to play with letters. At the FFF he is allowed to do so basically without supervision. He makes sure that we start conversations in the summer and don’t lose our language in the rather hectic autumn.

Hannes Kropik


Hannes Kropik, journalist, winter enthusiast and passionate passive sportsman. He has been professionally involved in freeriding for years. Already on tour with the Freeride Film Festival in 2017 as a social media person and co-host, now back at it again as a writer, poster and podcaster.


Gerti Ring

Press relations

Gerti Ring has been taking care of the Freeride Film Festival’s PR for a long time. Based in Traunstein in the Bavarian Chiemgau region, she is very close to the mountains and the topic of freeriding as well as to Munich, the home of many publishing houses and media. Without her good press work, we would not be so well represented in the media, especially in Germany.

Heinz Reich


The Voice of Vienna. Heinz is a co-founder of FM4 and, as a passionate freerider, the station’s “powder expert”. He has been the presenter of the FFF in Vienna from the very beginning. At FM4 he hosts the programmes “Homebase”, “Connected” and “La Boum Deluxe”. He also produces the latter.


Martin Misof

Martin is the new stage voice and replaces Neil Williman, who has returned to New Zealand. 

As a former freeski pro, the native of Innsbruck is still on a first-name basis with the scene and provides atmosphere as a professional event speaker, for example at Crankworkx.

Andi Spies


The long-time veteran of the scene. Andi has been our co-host in Munich since the beginning and has also brought us to his former home in Cologne. He was editor-in-chief of the MBM snowboard magazine in the 90s, makes the surf magazine BLUE and looks after clients such as Messe München.