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“The passion comes back. But with more wisdom, with more patience.”

With "Invisible Ground", Xavier De Le Rue and Elias Elhardt work through their feelings of irresponsibility after tragic avalanche accidents. In Part 1 of our interview series, French snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue talks about how painful... more

Smoothe show, finest films: Thanks to all!

The second Worldwide Show of the Freeride Film Festival was such a nice evening. With five great films, cool interview guests and an exciting panel on the topic of "ski resort expansions". We thank everyone for the great support - and... more

Worldwide Show: Winning made easy

Our Worldwide Show on 16 December not only offers an exciting, entertaining film programme. The exclusive prizes we are giving away online are also really something special. Everyone can win When... more

Get ready for the FFF Worldwide Show on 16 December 2021

We will do it again! After our first live stream event in December 2020 was such a great success, we are going global again with the FFF Worldwide Show. The start is on December 16, 2021 at 7 p.m. (CET). The tickets are available in three... more

The FFF Worldwide Show 2020 in 70 Seconds

Flo Rudig is the owner of the studio "Hinterzimmer" from where we broadcasted our first FFF Worldwide Show. He just produced a really cool video of the movie night that sums up what's been happening on Dec 17th 2020. Thanks so much, Flo,... more

FFF Worldwide Show 2020: Thanks for your great photos and feedback!

A premiere is a premiere. So we were not sure what to expect from the first ever online-event of the Freeride Filmfestival. But the FFF Worldwide Show on 17 December 2020 was so much better than we had dreamed of. And one of the most... more

What a movie night! And the winner of the FFF Worldwide Show Raffle 2020 is …

We want to thank everyone who made the first ever FFF Worldwide Show possible. It was an amazing night with all the guests in the studio and via video calls. Five absolutely great movies with completely different backgrounds, each of them... more

Welcome to the Studio for the FFF Worldwide Show

Only one night left for the FFF Worldwide Show on Dec 17th 2020 at 8 p.m. (CET). FFF-Co-Founder Harry Putz already had a test-run in the nice TV-studio in Innsbruck. The studio belongs to Flo Rudig. He was a journalist and moderator for... more

Amazing Donation: Snowboard Olympic Champion Nicola Thost supports FFF with 100 tickets for free

She won the gold medal in the halfpipe contest at the Olympic Games in Nagano 1998, the first games ever where Snowboarding was part of. Today Nicola Thost is working as a personal coach with her own developed concept called “The... more