Filme 2021

4 Elements


13 min




Silvia Moser

Ein Film von

Lukas Schäfer


Silvia Moser


Dolomiten, ITA

What is at the base of order and organization of the universe? Many theories speak about earth, water, fire and air such as the 4 natural elements that compose life outside but also inside of ourselves. These elements are part of us human beings just like the universe.

Silvia is a professional freerider from the Dolomites. Together with her friend and filmmaker Lukas Schäfer, she wants to show this inseparable connection between everything that exists. The movie „4 Elements“ is about the environment surrounding us, the nature around and within all of us, as well as the necessary balance with the outdoor activities Silvia loves most.

The result is an extraordinary journey through the gifts of nature and to the feelings that are awakened when we are skiing or simply living outdoors.


  • Silvia Moser

  • 4 Elements © Lukas Schäfer

  • 4 Elements © Lukas Schäfer

  • 4 Elements © Lukas Schäfer

  • 4 Elements © Lukas Schäfer


Tourtermine 2021

  • Vahrn (Südtirol)

    • 09. Feb 2023

    Haus Voitsberg