Filme 2019


Country, Year

FRA 2019


40 min




Almo Film & Picture Organic Clothing


Julien Roserens & Morgan le Faucheur


Mat Schaer, Léo Taillefer, Thomas Delfino, Jeremy Jones, Levi Luggen, Serge Lambert


Wallis, St. Bernhard, SUI | Haute Tarentaise, Ecrins Nat. Park, FRA | ITA

In a refuge on the main ridge of the Swiss Alps, braving the elements and wars for a long time, 70-year-old mountain guide Serge Lambert says, “If we can do sustainable development up here at 3,835 meters, there’s no reason not to do it at sea level.”

Swiss snowboarder Mat Schaer spent years traveling the world for photo and film productions, but last winter he pursued the goal of returning to his roots: the Alps! But not for reasons of nostalgia, but because of a change in his attitude towards thinking and acting more ecologically. And he’s taking a few steps at once: staying away from airports, avoiding ski resorts and snowmobiles, using only public transportation, and making all climbs under his own power. Together with his colleagues Levi, Léo and Thomas, he wants to explore the majestic glacier giants that he has looked up at from the valley all his life and never gave a thought to exploring – until now.

From hut to hut, the protagonists dive deeper into the high alpine world of four legendary mountain massifs in Switzerland, Italy and France. When Jeremy Jones also joins them, the ecological idea becomes even more important, because the American snowboarding legend is not only the pioneer of the “Gernation Splitboard”, but also the founder of the NGO Protect-Our-Winters (POW).


  • Mathieu Schaer

  • Léo Taillefer

  • Thomas Delfino

  • Jeremy Jones

  • Serge Lambert

  • Levi Luggen


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