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Get ready for the FFF Worldwide Show on 16 December 2021

We will do it again! After our first live stream event in December 2020 was such a great success, we are going global again with the FFF Worldwide Show. The start is on December 16, 2021 at 7 p.m. (CET). The tickets are available in three categories: single, couple and group. There is a discount for visitors to our cinema tour.

The live show in English will again be broadcastet from Flo Rudig’s “Hinterzimmer” in Innsbruck. Freeride mulit-talent Neil Williman is the moderator. He is supported by our FFF-co-mastermind Harry Putz. The film program will be different than on our tour this year – you can find the details below. And a sensational raffle is also back at the start (more on this in the near future).

An overview of the films on the Worlwide Show

From Source

Experimental approach with overwhelming images: A skier descends into the abyss of a glacier cave on a bright full moon night to find spiritual liberation. In a vision full of freeride action, he experiences a rollercoaster of emotions. “I conceived this film as a poetic and mystical journey, leaving it up to the viewer to find their own interpretation. So, my interest is more in the emotional dimension than the narrative one,” says producer and protagonist Yann Rausis.

4 Elements

What underlies the order and organization of the universe? Many theories say that earth, water, fire and air are the elements that make up life outside, but also inside, of ourselves. Silvia Moser and her friend, filmmaker Lukas Schäfer, want to show the inseparable connection between everything that exists. The result is an extraordinary journey through the gifts of nature and the emotions that come from skiing or simply living outdoors.


Arnaud Cottet, Mathieu Schaer and Jochen Mesle, accompanied by the filmmaker Jules Guarneri, climb the Saleinaz glacier to camp for a week. Only a few hours away from home and at the same time lost in the complete wilderness on the Swiss side of the Mont Blanc massif, they reflect on their job: making ski and snowboard films. “Saleinaz” stands for the desire to return to those origins that revolve around a love of adventure and respect for the mountains.

Vanishing Lines

The pristine high alpine natural landscapes of the Alps are in danger. This short documentary by Patagonia ambassadors Mitch Tölderer and Lena Stoffel deals with the planned
merger of two ski areas on the Pitztal Glacier in the Ötztal Alps: Massive interventions would irrevocably change one of the last wild glaciers in Europe.


This film is an aesthetically unique journey through the Swiss mountains and represents a new type of presentation for the Freeride Film Festival. An illustrator dreams of taking his two friends to a magical place full of powder and cheese. They have Binxte, the dog, with them as an additional companion. In this wonderful project, animations and real film material are woven into a narrative. It seems like the lines between fact and fiction are blurring.

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