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Welcome to the Studio for the FFF Worldwide Show

Only one night left for the FFF Worldwide Show on Dec 17th 2020 at 8 p.m. (CET). FFF-Co-Founder Harry Putz already had a test-run in the nice TV-studio in Innsbruck. The studio belongs to Flo Rudig. He was a journalist and moderator for Servus TV and works as event moderator (e. g. Beachvolleyball World Tour Vienna, Climbing World Championship in Innsbruck). In the studio that he named “Hinterzimmer”Flo produces hisown podcast.

As you can see on the pictures, the studio is the perfect setting for the FFF Worldwide Show. Get your ticket here and take part in the biggest raffle in FFF history. Harry and his co-host Neil Williman will welcome several guests at the show – of course everything according to the strict COVID-19-regulations.

The following guests will be in the studio: Roman Rohrmoser and Felix Wiemers (Film: “The Tyrolean and His Piefke 2”), Flo Gassner and Martin Kogler (“metanoia”). Additionally there will be video calls with Andreas Køhn (“Billøs/Carless”), Rúnar Pétur and Vidir Björnsson (“Fjörd Lines”) and Laurent De Martin and Titouan Besire (“From Switzerland with Love by Region Dents du Midi“). We can’t wait to get the Show started. See ya there!

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